le mie competenze

Purchases, rentals, facilities, ideas: these require competence: not just a service

I don't believe in catalogues or a D.I.Y approach, I set my trust in original ideas and professionals, which I select very carefully depending on the kind of event, and I believe I have the experience to suggest the best way to achieve what you are looking for.

You're trying to find the dress of your dreams or you'd like advice on make-up?
You're wondering what the latest trend in wedding favours is?
You want a top caterer, with a menu conceived by a famous chef?
You think hand-written invitations are classier or you'd like an alternative to the usual limo?

Providing you with a faultless service means answering all the questions that such an important moment raises, while clearly allowing for budget constraints.
Being fully aware that this is your party I have come up with two different formulas:

Full Partnership

:Tocco di Classe will take care of the entire event, organising everything from top to bottom.

Partial Partnership

: You can select those areas you think make a difference to the event' success and leave them up to us.

For any further information fill in our form to contact me!

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Specific areas of competence

……and everything a wedding might entail!

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Weddings in Italy

Italy, with its dazzling heritage and culture is an unforgettable setting for a wedding with style and imagination.
Tocco di Classe has Italy at heart and an intimate understanding of the welcoming and festive spirit of cities, villages, villas and castles in a land with a remarkable reputation for art and hospitality.
Let yourself be tempted by a memorable choice. Your religion or culture stimulate us to find ways of matching your traditions with your dreams and particularly your intimate desires.

Our experience is by your side at every step, taking care of every detail: from the lodging of the bride and groom to the logistics of the incoming family and guests, handling transfers to different locations, ensuring the banquet is fully respectful of your culinary traditions, right up to the expediting of all bureaucratic matters.
A romantic lakeside villa, a reception on the grass in the shade of century-old trees, a day by the seaside in one of the most exclusive resorts or a ceremony high up in the mountains overlooking vast ice flows are ways of interpreting age old traditions with the personality which this occasion calls for.

You make your Italian wish, Tocco di Classe will make it come true.

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Weddings abroad

Think of a place, a country and a continent. Tocco di Classe will organise an unforgettable ceremony centred on local traditions for You and Your guests.
We have listed below a few suggestions and destinations below which we know are failsafe options, but of course at Tocco di Classe the desire for novelty never wanes, we are always on the lookout for new emotions, eager to discover places that need not be in a fairy-tale land, but are most certainly unique, like your wedding.

South Africa, where even the stars look down on you
The appeal of this extraordinary country means there are plenty of locations where one can share an exclusive love vow: private estates, national parks, even the small, charming villages along the Garden Route, or then again on the patio of a luxurious villa overlooking the sea, a wedding on the other side of the world is a truly momentous event.

United States, a nuptial celebration on the road
New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, famous for their wedding chapels and extravagant weddings, the Grand Canyon or even Disneyland: in America one is just spoilt for choice.

The Maldives, a wedding on water
At sunset the groom meets the bride as she comes floating over the water. After exchanging the ritual flower garlands, the union is ratified by the island manager. With bubbly, wedding cake and a candle-lit supper on the beach to follow.

Thailand, a well known rite in a special place
In the ancient monastery of Chang Mai (in the north) or in the friar's churches on the beaches of Puket, Phi Phi Island, Ko Sumai and Ko Tao where catholic weddings are regularly celebrated.
Weddings celebrated in Thailand can even be legally valid in Italy.

Polynesia, a regal ceremony
The Polynesian rite is the most regal one you can imagine: the preparatory massages, the body painting, the good.will tattoos, the traditional wraparound skirts and after the ceremony, amid singing and dancing, the newly weds are carried on a nuptial throne to a sumptuous dinner laid out on the beach.

Australia, the magic of song and the barrier reef
Australia offers many opportunities to celebrate a fairy-tale wedding: the sacred Uluru mountain at Ayers Rock, the islands off the Barrier Reef or the marvellous Queensland Gold Coast.

Brazil, where getting married also means making friends
In Salvador de Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, on the beaches of Natal, Morro de San Paulo, Porto de Galinhas or the islands of Fernando de Noronha. A wedding in Brazil is a real party, couched in a blaze of colour, scents, masks, outfits, made special even by the inhabitants who toast the wedding party as if they were childhood friends.

Japan, a ceremony suspended in the sky
The bride followed by four bridesmaids, who help out with the nuptial kimono, is accompanied by the groom. A monk blesses the union, followed by the ritual photographs in the temple. A unique ceremony, imbued with the ancestral mystery of the Empire of the Rising Sun.

Seychelles, a vow in sync with the sea
In this dream-like archipelago one is spoilt for choice, but the best option is a ceremony for just a few guests, barefoot on the beach with the musical accompaniment of the waves at La Digue or on the private islands of Fregate or Desroches.
The ceremony is legally valid in Italy.

Caribbean, in the blue sea and on the hot sand dancing to a Reggae beat
The Caribbean means Barbados, Bermuda, the Antilles, The Virgin Isles. The perfect image however is a dazzling white sandy beach and the thousand shades of sea blue. A simple and perfect background to a wedding ceremony that revels in Caribbean rhythms.

…and that's not all! Just fill in the form to ask for more information!